At the end of a long day we know all you want to do is sit on the couch, relax and watch TV. With our SmartGuard protection plan, your furniture is protected in the event of:

  • Breakage of mechanisms

  • Rips, tears or punctures

  • Burn/singe marks caused by brief contact with flame or heat

  • Certain stains

  • Scratches, dents, chips or gouges that penetrate the finish, exposing the underlayer

  • Checking, cracking, bubbling and peeling of the finish

  • Lifting of veneers (from a specific incident)

  • Warping

  • Mirror chipping

  • Mirror breakage and loss of silvering

There is no deductible or additional fees required to obtain service on your covered furniture item. Not available in Wyoming.

Furniture and Lamp Protection Plans

To qualify for protection, your item may not have been labeled “as is,” or “pre-owned,” or been displayed in a showroom. Protection only applies to furniture used in a residential setting. Non-residential settings, including in-home daycare businesses and other commercial settings, disqualify your item from SmartGuard protection.

Because the plan serves to protect furniture from accidents that happen inside your home, damage caused by transit, delivery, redelivery, movement between residences or storage are NOT covered. Neither is furniture used outdoors, on patios, or screened rooms where it may be directly or indirectly exposed to the elements of nature.

Our plan is meant to protect you from incurring out-of-pocket costs in the event of specific damaging incidents, not general wear and tear due to causes associated with normal, long-term use. Because of this, issues that are considered typical of daily use or consistent with general ownership practices are NOT covered.

These include:

  • Stains or damage caused by use of improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning materials

  • Stains or damage from acid, bleach, caustic solutions, mildew, mold or reoccurring damage

  • Bodily fluid stains caused by incontinence

  • Odors

  • Fading of the upholstery, color loss and/or discoloration, or fabrics that become worn or soiled from everyday use

  • Pet damage and/or claw marks such as damage from teeth, beaks, etc. (NOT including damage from bodily fluids.)

  • Soiling from everyday use, including body oil, hair oil, perspiration, or darkened body contact areas

  • Inherent design flaws including, but not limited to, natural inconsistencies in upholstery, leather, vinyl or delamination of microfiber

  • Loosening of threads or splitting of seams

  • Wood surface scratches, dents, chips or gouges that do not penetrate through the finish

  • Cracking or peeling of any kind of leather

  • Leather surface scratches that do not penetrate through the upholstery

  • Leather flaws and manufacturer’s defects that cause rips, cuts, punctures, or color loss

  • Dye transfer, dye lot or texture variation

See plan terms and conditions for full details.

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