If you’ve purchased a new or manufacturer-refurbished auto part that is covered by the SmartGuard protection plan, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll replace the part in the event of its failure or breakage at no extra cost to you.

      Coverage for Engine Parts

      With our SmartGuard protection plan in place, you don’t have to worry about unexpected repair or replacement costs that arise as a result of your auto part suffering from a manufacturing defect. There is no deductible or additional fees required to obtain service on your covered auto part.


      Because this plan is meant to provide protection in the event of unexpected repair costs, it DOES NOT cover repair or replacement costs associated with consumable auto parts, which are expected to wear out and require replacement. This category includes, but is not limited to:

      • Belts

      • Batteries

      • Hoses

      • Gaskets

      • Spark plugs

      • Fluids

      • Headlights and other bulbs

      Please note that the validity of any claim must first be determined by a SmartGuard representative or our authorized service partners. Parts that lose function as a result of the owner not performing the manufacturer’s specified care will not qualify for coverage. This means you should be sure to always read the instructions that come with your automotive part and adhere to them closely when following its prescribed maintenance routine.

      Maintenance and inspection services, as well as labor costs, are NOT covered by this plan.

      See plan terms and conditions for full details.

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